MAK-CPG Proud to Welcome York Manufacturing to Our Product Line!

MAK-CPG is thrilled to announce that we are now the independent sales representatives for York Manufacturing in Western PA and West Virginia. York Manufacturing produces a full line of moisture control products and systems for both residential and commercial applications. Based in Sanford, ME York is a respected leader with a long tradition of integrity that continues to set industry standards for performance and quality.


From the original copper fabric flashing to strong, advanced composites and new asphalt-free copper flashing that’s revolutionizing the industry, York remains far ahead and moving solidly into the future. We’re especially excited about their Flash Vent product. It’s a copper fabric flashing drainage system eliminates the need for mortar deflection netting and drip edges. The environmentally-friendly and compatible, non-asphaltic copper fabric flashing has a proprietary wicking fabric that draws moisture out of the wall through the mortar joint. It is easy to install and does not clog when covered with mortar.

We’re happy to move further into the future with York!